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Jeff Cutler
Japanet America Cruise

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Eklavya Patel

I'm Eklavya. Pronounced "Ek" as in ache & "lavya" as in love ya.
I'm the main point of communication and work with a wide network of illustrators, developers & animators to bring ideas to fruition. I've found the most success by taking a stake in the outcome of projects I work on and this philosophy is at the core of ENSO. We are lean and mission driven, focusing less on scope and more on tangible outcomes.

We appreciate the opportunity to submit this proposal on behalf of ENSO Creative for the design and development of a new website tailored to showcase Japanet's cruise packages for the American market. Here, we cover goals for this project, pricing, timeline and some of our successes with previous projects.


We like to take notes :)
For us, every successful collaboration starts with a list of ideas that guide our decisions on core focuses, challenges and opportunities. This list of ideas helps us set clean KPIs and benchmarks to achieve.

Tailored Approach

Every project has it's own requirements and ENSO's approach reflects that reality. We start with user and competitor research to build a site map that focuses on maximizing your conversion. Then we move to a low-fidelity wireframe that focuses on copy and maximizing your on-site SEO benefits. Then, lastly, we add the magic of design to stretch your brand to the structure with a high-fidelity mock-up. 
We will work closely with Japanet's team to capture the essence of their offerings and present them in a manner that speaks directly to American travelers, using the tools that make your digital presence scale.

Design appeal to US Audiences

Our team of experienced designers will craft a visually stunning website that aligns with Japanet's brand identity while incorporating design elements tailored to the American audience. The website will feature a user-friendly interface, high-quality imagery, and an intuitive navigation system to enhance the user experience. Our goal is to create a professional and engaging platform that not only showcases the cruise packages effectively but also encourages visitors to explore further and convert into customers.

Documentation + Handoff

ENSO is committed to providing transparent and comprehensive documentation throughout the design and development process. This includes detailed project timelines, progress reports, and thorough testing procedures to ensure the website meets the highest standards of functionality and performance.
While handing off the project to your team, we provide thorough documentation on how to maintain and scale the website if needed.

Site Map

A site map provides a clear navigation hierarchy for the website. The chart below shoes how users will interact with the website and which content/info they will see first.

Gallery Showcase: A visually appealing and responsive gallery will be implemented to showcase the beauty and luxury of Japanet's cruise packages, allowing potential customers to envision their travel experience.

Company Bio: A concise and compelling company biography will be prominently featured to introduce Japanet's rich history and commitment to providing exceptional travel experiences.

Brochure Sign-Up Page: An easy-to-use sign-up page will be created for users interested in receiving brochures, ensuring a seamless lead generation process for Japanet.

Cruise Route Map: An interactive map will be integrated to visually display the cruise route, enhancing the user's understanding of the itinerary.


We find success because of our well-proven strategies of collaboration. Working with us means clear communication through our process and seamless iterations till we make sure your vision is brought to life.

A stake in your growth

"The Greats Never Sacrifice The Important For The Urgent." -- Bobby Axelrod
We deliver on time-sensitive needs while maintaining long-term goals making us a true partner in your growth. We use our vast experience building web experiences and expertise in modern web solutions to bring your the performance results you're looking for.

Collaboration at the core

Effortless communication, flexibility to scope and adaptive solutions brings about a successful collaboration.
We work closely with you to gather their requirements, brainstorm ideas, and develop solutions. A strong focus on results makes us adaptive to feedback.

We work fast

We understand that time is money. Our methodical and tested approach makes us quick at delivering results. On average, project timelines are under 2 months, leaving us ample time to iterate and test to maximize results right from launch.

Good with change

Good design is a result of responsiveness to feedback; and we strive for good design. We don't charge for extra revisions and there is no limit to the amount of time we spend to iterate a design to match your performance needs. This is the best way to gaurantee value through our services.

Relevant Projects

Words from our clients...

"Overall, working with the ENSO team was a much better experience than I had expected. Their lead designer, Eklavya, has years of experience as a successful founder and artist. He's a natural at using design to drive business growth, working within my budget and timeline, and striking a great balance between friendliness and professionalism. I would choose ENSO over other design agencies if you're looking for value."

Zhané Bennett, Founder & CEO, Lexpai.ai

"The level of collaboration and input we had with ENSO was fantastic. They truly valued our opinions and ideas, and they seamlessly integrated our vision with their expertise. It felt like a true partnership rather than a one-sided service.
This open and inclusive approach made us feel like a valued part of the team and ensured that the final result truly reflected our collective vision. They implemented our vision into Webflow and added their own expertise from years of experience, creating a perfect outcome."

Hardik & Poumil, Co-founders, Budgetrx.net

"ENSO was incredibly responsive. All of my questions were answered as soon as I asked. ENSO's professionalism and communication skills are exceptional. Their team's organized approach, timely updates, and ability to explain complex matters clearly stood out. They demonstrated a genuine interest in understanding our needs, and their level of dedication exceeded our expectations. ENSO was an essential part of our growth."

Samir Peshori, CMO, Joinglyde.com

Check out more reviews about how it's like working with us here.

# Reviews on Many

Pricing & Deliverables

We work on a flat fee basis for projects, so we quote you a single project price instead of an hourly rate. The scope of work, complexity of the problem, and a host of other influences are factored into our pricing; meaning every project is different.

Why a fixed bid?

We've experimented with everything, and the most effective exchange of value for us and our clients has always been a flat-fee. Results that meet your performance needs are our only objectives. Depending on complexity and timeline, the time it takes to achieve these results varies between projects and an hourly bid loses our clients value.


We work with speed, clarity and are decisive in our approach to all projects. We don't waste time in unnecessary meetings and bureaucratic phases. This timeline is a rough outline of the amount of time we usually take on projects with the same scope as yours.


We begin by doing competitor research and outlining objectives and deliverables. This phase maybe shorter, but on average, we collect necessary copy write info, assets like images/videos and technical details within the first week of starting.

1 week

This is the most important and longest phase of our process as web builders. We work closely with you to build low fidelity renditions of the website layout, design illustrations and choose imagery and blend these into a high fidelity design. This is the longest phase in our process because we pay special attention to feedback and iterate our design to work for you.

2 weeks

We have a tried and trusted process when it comes to building easy-to-load and scalable web interfaces making us quick when it comes to deliveries. That being said, we understand that needs may change when implemented and so our process is adaptive.

1 hour

We've worked with dozens of different domain providers and hosting platforms. So we're flexible existing solutions or migrating to the new best solutions for you. With clarity in communication, we launch your site on the internet in a way that you can control and monitor.

Answers to questions you may have

Next Steps

After this proposal has been reviewed and agreed upon, please sign the Contract and pay the deposit per payments agreement.
If you have any questions or concerns, book a meeting with me, let's talk!

We'll configure decided channels of communication -- usually email or Slack.

Everything related to your project resides in your Client Dashboard. Here, you can share assets for the website, see designs and track progress with a demo link.

Through our process, we build a Resources Document containing custom resources like relevant access information for tools, assets, brand guidelines or guides on how to best manage your website.